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The positive revenue is referred to as the losses of the betting customers. 

Affiliates earn commissions via Revenue Share. 

Revenue share is a share (%) of the total revenue generated by the referred customers.    

0 to 20 players = 25% Commission

21 to 30 players = 30% Commission

31 or more players = 35% Commission

Negative Commissions will carry over to the subsequent months until positive commissions are generated again. 

Pay periods run from the first Monday of every month until the last Sunday before the first Monday of every month. is one of the most perfect online sportsbook websites that offers betting on the widest range of online sport leagues & gaming competitions. Here you can bet on every major sports league including baseball, soccer, CFL football, tennis, golf, boxing and more. Not limited to sports but we also have a wide range of Casino games for you. We also offer exciting cash bonus & cash back on all sports bets. So, what are you waiting for? Join now and enjoy betting on your favorite games.

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