General Terms and Conditions

  1. WagerWeb like other on line gambling sites, reserves the right to accept or refuse any player or account registration.
  2. Account holders are responsible for all activity in regards to their account. Accounts with positive balances will not be closed for any reason. If you choose not to play your account will remain open, but in an inactive state.   For any questions please contact customer services.
  3. WagerWeb is intended for the “Recreational Player Only”, any player that is found “abusing any rule or regulation”, “Professional Bettors”, “Syndicates”, or any Person betting “Steam Plays” or “Moves” will be subject to have their account suspended, earnings removed, and a Cashier’s Check will be sent to the Name and Address on File.
  4. WagerWeb like other on line gambling sites, reserves the right to limit or refuse any wager prior to its acceptance.
  5. All sporting events must be played on date and site scheduled unless otherwise specified. If any event is postponed and/or rescheduled, said event will automatically constitute “no action”.
  6. All event and game winners are determined on the date of the event’s conclusion according to house rules and conditions. WagerWeb does not recognize suspended games, protest and overturned decisions for wagering purposes.
  7. All phone wagering calls will be recorded and used to settle all wagering disputes.
  8. WagerWeb like other on line gambling sites, reserves the right to “add, delete or change” house wagering rules and payoffs odds.
  9. Management keeps track by computer of all wagers, point and/or price changes made prior to the start of an event to help minimize errors and aid in fairly settling disputes. For Phone Wagers: in all cases of a dispute the tape recording of the transaction shall serve as the final determination of the dispute and all wagers will be adjusted accordingly. Read back is final.
  10. Nevada Gaming Rules apply to any rule or type of wager not covered by rules and regulations herein. Members must be 21 years of age or over.
  11. WagerWeb is a foreign company and as such is neither required, nor does it report the winnings of individuals who bet with the sports book to any government agencies, and therefore, it is the sole responsibility of its members, if applicable, to report any winnings to their respective government Customs or Taxation departments.
  12. WagerWeb reserves the right to cancel any wager placed on an incorrect line.
  13. Past Posted Wagers: WagerWeb will not honor any past posted events.
  14. One WagerWeb account either customer or affiliate.
  15. One account per household.
  16. One account per IP Address.
  17. One user per account (The registered name on the account only)
  18. Bad Line Policy In the event that a Player makes a wager on an Incorrect Line the “Sportsbook” has the right to refuse all wagers prior to the start of a contest. An email will be sent to the player prior to the start of the event and the player will have the right to wager on the event at the correct line. The email will be sent to the registered email on file.
  19. In the event that the contest starts before the player can be contacted the “Sportsbook” will honor the wager win or lose at the correct line. The player will receive an email at that time explaining the policy as well as the Incorrect Line Parameters.
  20. If a Player received a previous warning in regards to Incorrect Line Wagering or if the Player is in collusion with other players to take greater advantage of the mistake ALL wagers will be cancelled and the Players Account/Accounts will be closed when that Player is discovered betting into the Incorrect Line.
  21. The above mentioned policy is meant as a guideline. The policy is subject to change by Management.
  22. Customers who are found abusing promotions or rules are subject to having any bonuses earned and winnings off those bonuses removed.
  23. Customers who are found circumnavigating limits are subject to having their accounts shut down and the original deposit will be refunded via check to the name and address on the account.
  24. Payouts are processed Monday to Friday 9 AM to 1 PM EST and guarantee for the following day throughout the day. Any payout requested after this cutoff time will be processed the next available processing date.
  25. Customers need to complete the rollover on a given deposit before requesting a payout. Betting both sides of a game does not apply on volume.
  26. Volume for roll over is defined as the lower amount between the risk and the win. In order to have volume the wager must be graded and have action. All cancelled, non-bets, or pushes will not be considered for roll over purposes.
  27. Customer account information and transactions are confidential between the customer and WagerWeb. This agreement may not be assigned to any third party.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

  1. Bonus programs are intended for recreational bettors only. Professional players or players considered to be abusing the bonus system by any means may have bonuses and money earned from wagering bonuses revoked at the discretion of WagerWeb.
  2. Loyalty points will not be awarded on wagers that are considered no action. EXAMPLES (Horse Scratches or Returns, Sports wagers that push or are cancelled, playing all colors in roulette, Rain outs or any weather related stoppage in any sporting event.) All these wagers the risk will be returned, but as they did not have action no rewards points are awarded.
  3. Bonuses have to be played by the time any payout is to be requested. If, by the time of the payout, and, if the player has not yet played the bonus he will automatically lose the bonus + the winnings of the bonus; if it is FORFEITABLE, if the bonus is NON-FORFEITABLE, the payout will be declined until the player has met the rollover.
  4. Every rollover required or volume required by WagerWeb, is to be played the amount of times decided at the time of the credit or beginning of the contest, the rollover or volume is twice the given amount if it is counted on the casino.
  5. When receiving the bonus and any other reward or fee in the Free Play Balance the first thing always played out of the free play is the bonus.
  6. When a bonus or contest winnings is present the first thing played out of the free play balance will always be the bonus or contest winning until the full amount of the bonus or contest winnings has been wagered. (Example: free play balance $159: Bonus $100, fees $9, reward points $50. The customer must play the $100 bonus prior to being able to use the rewards points or fees).
  7. Players can request a maximum payout amount of $3,000 per week of winnings generated from any of our casino jackpot games. Jackpot winnings do not qualify for free payouts.
  8. Special promotions and bonuses not listed on the website over 50% free play will have higher rollovers and are not forfeitable.  (70% – 12x rollover) (100% – 15x rollover) (150% – 20x rollover) (200% – 25x rollover).
  9. If a bonus or contest winnings is played along with fees or rewards points the winnings will be as if played with the bonus alone. Example (free play balance $159: Bonus $100, fees $9, reward points $50). One wager is placed for $159 dollars to win $2000. The win amount takes the place of the bonus for roll over purposes


  1. One account per household One account per IP address One user per account (The registered name on the account only) Rollover is calculated on volume. When bonus, fees, and rewards points are present the first thing played out of the free play balance will always be the bonus until the bonus has been completely utilized. No Exceptions.
  2. Examples: Eagles -3 risk $110 to win $100, volume=$100.Parlay Eagles -3 and over 46 risk $50 to win $130, volume=$50.Moneyline Eagles -150 risk $150 to win $100, volume=$100.Volume is the lower of the risk and win.
  3. Specific prohibited practices: Bonus Pyramiding
  4. Taking deposited funds plus bonus and wagering the entire amount on a single event then upon winning, taking your entire balance and wagering on a single event, then continue to repeat this pattern until meeting rollover requirements and withdrawing the money. Upon withdrawal, you will receive your deposited money and winnings on the deposited money.
  5. Example:
Deposit: 1,000
Bonus: 150
Balance: 1,150
1st wager 1,150 to win 1,150
2nd wager 2,300 to win 2,300
3rd wager 4,600 to win 4,600
New balance 9,200
  1. The breakdown of this balance is $8,000 from the deposit and $1,200 from the bonus.
  2. Withdrawal amount will be $8,000 and forfeiture of the $1,200
  3. Non-Volume Bets: Customer needs to complete the rollover on a given deposit, promotion or prize before requesting a payout. Betting Black and Red on Roulette or any similar game or betting both sides of the game to come up with the volume does not count into the rollover.
  4. Referring Non-customers: It means referring a customer who only made one deposit. They then lose or meet rollover requirements, withdrawal their balance and never play again.
  5. Referee is a Non-customer: Non-customers are not eligible to receive referral bonuses.

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