WAGERWEB has always considered common sense and good judgment in assessing all client interactions, questions and claims. We have included the following rules for consideration and as a guide to decision making.

1. In this section you will find information on our policies and the conditions for wagering online or by telephone. By registering and wagering you indicate your full acceptance and understanding of all of these rules. If you have any questions concerning our policies and the conditions for wagering, please contact our Customer Service department.

2. All transactions and wagers are to be considered originating from and governed by the laws of Costa Rica. Any person residing in the Country of Costa Rica is prohibited from becoming a member of WAGERWEB.

3. Laws regarding gaming vary throughout the world. Gambling may be unlawful in some jurisdictions, and it is the responsibility of members to ensure that they understand and comply fully with any laws or regulations relevant to themselves in their own Country. All members of WAGERWEB must be at least 18 years of age.

4. WAGERWEB reserves the right to void any transactions made by a minor

5. WAGERWEB does not report any winnings or losses to any government agency. It is the responsibility of members to report any wagering income to the appropriate governmental agencies. It is the responsibility of each member to pay any applicable taxes. WAGERWEB does not withhold taxes.

6. All members of WAGERWEB must acknowledge and agree that all wagers placed via the telephone are saved on an audio recording system. In case of disputes, the recording will be played and the wager as confirmed on the recording will be deemed as final. All online transactions will be saved onto a file and the file will be saved on a back-up system.

In all cases of dispute, both management and the player agree that the backed-up file shall serve as the final authority in the dispute and all wagers will be adjusted accordingly. Claims must be submitted within 24 hours from the time the wager was made.

7. WAGERWEB reserves the right to request valid documentation from a customer to confirm their identity. Clients opening an account with WAGERWEB agree to provide the necessary documents: valid ID and copy of a utility bill with the clients name for proof of address.

The identification document must be a government issued ID (Copy of driver’s license, state ID or passport). Failure to supply this information may cause the suspension of the account and may affect the release of funds. All accounts must have a correct contact phone number and email address listed in their account information. Use of invalid contact information may lead to possible forfeiture of any/all winnings and bonuses.

8. Only one account is allowed per name, household, or IP address. WAGERWEB reserves the right to charge a Multiple Account Fine for each additional account when any customer opens more than one account. Violators also risk the forfeiture of the funds in these multiple accounts.

9. WAGERWEB reserves the right at any time to adjust or refuse any wager or transaction, in the interest of correcting a human or technical error, or any fraudulent intent of the member as interpreted by WAGERWEB.

10. WAGERWEB reserves the right to adjust the limits and/or suspend wagering privileges on any individual account without prior written or verbal notice.

11. Any accounts that have been suspended or cancelled by WAGERWEB must have prior management approval to reactivate their account. If it is determined that a previously banned player has opened an additional account or gains access to another account through false or misleading information, that party risks forfeiture of all funds.

12. All accounts inactive after 365 days are deemed closed and account balances are forfeited.

13. Any customer that is to be deemed betting as part of a syndicate or betting group risks account closure and forfeiture of all account winnings.

14. WAGERWEB reserves the right to close a clients account at any time without prior notification and/or further explanation.

15. WAGERWEB requires all funds to be posted prior to any wagering. Furthermore, no credit may be issued by any employee of WAGERWEB. It is the responsibility of the client to maintain sufficient funds to place any wager(s). All account balances and transactions are in U.S. Dollars.

16. Each client is responsible for maintaining the secrecy of his/her betting account number and password, and should make every effort to prevent the use of his/her personal account number, and password by any third party. Any transactions entered with the account holders account number and password will be considered an official transaction. If a client suspects a third party may have his/her account number and password, the client must contact WAGERWEB and change his/her password.

Upon signup, each client is required to submit a secondary password used for account changes and withdrawals. This secondary password must be used to change a wagering password or request a withdrawal or transfer of funds from his/her account. Should a member give away, share or lose his or her account number and/or password, WAGERWEB will not be held liable for any claims regarding that account.

17. Accounts with aggregate winnings of more than $5,000 are considered to be playing on house money. Customers deemed to be playing with house money may not be eligible for special promotions or perks provided by WAGERWEB.

18. All new accounts are subject to a period of review, and during this time, they may not be eligible to participate in specific promotions offered by WAGERWEB.

19. All accounts must have a correct contact phone number, email address and physical address listed in their account information. If there is a change of address, please notify WAGERWEB within 30 days and provide an ID or utility bill with the new address. Use of invalid information is grounds for possible forfeiture of any or all winnings and bonuses.

20. WAGERWEB reserves the right to ask customers to provide a valid proof of identification. Clients opening an account with WAGERWEB agree to provide, on demand, necessary documents. Identification may be government issued picture ID (Copy of drivers license, state ID or passport) and a copy of a utility bill with the clients name for proof of address.

21. Internet wagers must be placed through the user interface provided by WAGERWEB. Any internet wagering through other means, including the use of a robot player or by manipulation of our systems, is strictly forbidden. If it is deemed that a robot was utilized or the use of non-approved client software is detected, the offending party risks forfeiture of funds and Management reserves the right to invalidate all such wagers retroactively, cancel the players account, or take any other appropriate action. WAGERWEB will employ the services of a 3rd party provider to make a determination where foul play is suspected.

22. If a player believes that WAGERWEB has posted an erroneous line or schedule, the player should notify WAGERWEB immediately to verify if the line and/or schedule are correct.

23. Immediately upon discovery, wagers placed on an event with an obviously mistaken line resulting from human or technical error will be graded as No Action. If a wager with an erroneous line is not voided before the event begins, WAGERWEB reserves the right to remedy the odds to a fair market price which would have been available at the time the wager was placed. This price adjustment may be applied during or after an event.

24. A bet made after an event begins, based on occurrences that have developed while in-play, is considered a past-post and therefore invalid. The same applies for all horse bets, as they must be placed before post time or else are invalid. This also applies for all regular games and any live wagering events. All events intended for in-play offering will be noted as such on the wagering option.

25. WAGERWEB reserves the right to reverse the incorrect application of funds into an account due to human or system/software error. Additional funds that were not intended to be credited into a customers account will be reverted upon discovery of the inaccuracy. Any additional earnings from those funds are subject to voiding/forfeiture.

26. At WAGERWEB, we strive to treat our clients with the respect and courtesy they deserve. We also require that our clients reciprocate the gesture to our employees. Any abusive language or treatment via phone, chat or email will cause immediate termination of the WagerWeb account and all remaining funds will be refunded to the account holder.

27. We reserve the right to limit the number of times a client may participate in a promotion. Identity of participants will be determined on the basis of all or any combination of the following: Name, mailing address, email address, IP address, credit or debit card number and any forms of identification which may be required.

28. WAGERWEB has designed its services to protect customer privacy and maintain confidentiality.

29. All transactions are processed in highly secure 128 bit encryption.

30. Time Changes and Injury Reports are unofficial and subject to changes. It is a members responsibility to question and clarify any event not covered or rules he/she does not understand prior to placing any wagers.

31. Any wagers deemed as correlated may be voided at WAGERWEB discretion. Examples of correlated wagers are but not limited to the following:
– Team total to a team total in the same game. Includes all quarters and halves in the game.
– Team total to a run line, money line or total in the same game.
– Any side or run line/puck line of a quarter, half or game to another side of the same game in a Parlay or any type of If bet.

32. Regardless of the published header, all games and events will have action as long as the two teams/sides are correct. A game/match will also keep action regardless of the League Heading and/or League Offering that is associated with the matchup. For example, two teams from the same league playing for a Cup; if the matchup is mistakenly placed in the League Offering, the game/match will still have action, as long as the matchup is correct.

33. Information Required. If you choose to register an Account you will be required to provide your full name, address, date of birth, email address and telephone number. If your identity cannot be validated, you may be required to submit additional information or documentation. You will also be required to answer one or more security questions, after which you will be sent a confirmatory email. You may also be required to update the information or data or to provide additional items as part of on-going efforts to prevent illegal and fraudulent activities, and/or to comply with our Anti-Money Laundering policies and protocols.

34. On Odds to win and Multiprops wagering, when 2 or more competitors tie in first place, dead heat rule will apply.

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