The minimum amount accepted for an online wager is $2 for sports and horses. The minimum for a wager placed over the phone is $25 for sports, and $5 for horses, EXCEPT for special promotions.

The maximum limit on overnight lines (generally from the last half time or game of the night until we open the next morning) is any combination of wagers totaling no more than $500. Any multiple bets made during this time that exceeds this limit will be deemed as NO ACTION.

You can select any one team up to ONLY 3 times on your parlay and teaser combinations. Players, please keep a record of your team selections. If you select the same team (or total) in more than 3 parlays AND/OR Teasers, we can make ALL of your wagers involving that team or total a NO ACTION.

Open Parlays must be filled within 90 days after being placed. WAGERWEB reserves the right to cancel any parlays that remain open after 90 days.

Maximum payout is $50,000 per group of parlays. On Round Robins, the maximum payout will be considered for the WHOLE group of parlays and not for each parlay, in other words, a max of $50,000 will be paid on any Round Robin. The max payout for any contest is $50,000.

Note: A maximum of $50,000 is paid out on any Round Robin or combination of Round Robins using more than 50% of the same teams as in another round robin or combination of round robins.

When wagering on the internet, clients are solely responsible for their own account transactions. Please make sure to review your wagers for any mistakes before confirming them. It is the member’s responsibility to write down the ticket number as confirmation of a wager made online. Without this number, WAGERWEB is not responsible for wagers not confirmed in the system. All accounts that use the internet to place wagers must have a valid e-mail address on file. Failure to have a valid e-mail address may result in the account being frozen or closed.

If the client has made a mistake entering a play, the play can be deleted if:

a. The mistake is reported no more than 10 minutes from the time the wager was placed.
b. The line has not changed.
c. The wagered event has not yet begun.
d. There is no new information on player(s), coaches, weather, or referees that may have an effect on the outcome of the event.

It is the clients responsibility to check and confirm their account balance on their first call of the day. If the client has a discrepancy, it is their responsibility to ask the wagering agent to review their plays, or to be transferred to a Client Service Representative to review their financial transactions.

The client must provide his/her account number and password on each and every call.

All read backs are final if placing a bet by phone. Upon completion of your wager(s), the wagering agent will read all wagers back to the client. The client is required to state their wagering account number and password to confirm that all wagers recorded by the wagering agent are correct. Please listen carefully to the read back. It is the clients responsibility to correct any errors during the read back. In the event a customer does not hear the read back due to technical difficulties (disconnections, static, etc.) it is the client’s responsibility to call back immediately to confirm his/her wager(s), or all wagers will be accepted as the wagering agent entered them.

All account discrepancies must be reported within seven (7) days of the date of the possible error.

WAGERWEB reserves the right to charge a $25 fee in the event of customer abuse of claims and/or research privileges.

Some telephone wagers (e.g. IF bets) may be limited due to crunch time.

Propositional wagers, halftime wagers and quarter wagers are offered to our recreational players as an enhancement to their wagering experience. WAGERWEB reserves the right to limit or exclude players having an excessive percentage of their action on these types of wagers.

A significantly correlated parlay is a bet that is tied into another, where if one bet wins, the odds of the other winning is increased. We do not allow significantly correlated parlays, but in some cases the system may allow the bet to be placed. Management maintains the right to void wagers placed in violation of these rules.

The generally applied parameters for a significantly correlated parlay in Football are as follows:

A) Full game total is less than three (3) times the full game spread.
B) First or Second Half total is less than four (4) times the First or Second Half spread.
C) Quarter total is less than five (5) times the Quarter spread.

The generally applied parameters for a significantly correlated parlay in Basketball are as follows:

A) Full game total is less than twelve (12) times the full game spread.
B) First or Second Half total is less than fifteen (15) times the First or Second Half spread.
C) Quarter total is less than eighteen (18) times the Quarter spread.

WAGERWEB reserves the right to terminate or modify any rules, regulations, wagers or any type of policy at any time prior to any written or verbal notice.

WAGERWEB makes the access to our online casino available to its members. When playing in the casino, it is reasonable to expect 5% losses of your total casino wagering activities.

All decisions are at the sole discretion of WAGERWEB and all decisions of WAGERWEB are final.

all future wagers are graded and credited upon completion of the event or season. For example, a wager on the Red Sox to go Over 90 wins for the season will be graded after full completion of the scheduled event, or if the outcome of the wager has already been determined.


It is the member’s responsibility to question and clarify any event not covered or rules he/she does not understand prior to placing any wagers.

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